Call for Papers

We are pleased to invite authors to submit their papers to ADIC 2013, addressing issues that serve present and future development of the field. Paper submission in all areas covering the below research topics:

Ø      Concept of development based on Islamic learning.

Ø      Law, human rights, politics and justice.

Ø      Development of education, culture and custom.

Ø      Conventional and Islamic economic and finance.

Ø      Art, language and history.

Ø      Design on cities, rural areas, public facilities and transportation system.

Ø      Planning on housing, offices and community services.

Ø      Development of management system and international relationship.

Ø      Development of infrastructure, telecommunication and advance technology.

Ø      Poultries and veterinaries, fisheries, aquaculture, offshore and onshore.

Ø      Tourism and promotion.

Ø      Computerize and information technology.

Ø      Environmental and renewable energy.

Ø      Food and agriculture and related.

Ø      Tsunami, earthquake, disaster management and mitigation.

Ø      Engineering and manufacturing.

Ø      Women, family and kids, healthy and related.

However, the submission of other topics for consideration is welcome and we also encourage sessions within and across a variety of disciplines.

ADIC 2013 | Aceh Development International Conference